The CEO Steve Nash, is looking for residents and organisations who would like to get involved in this process, which will help to shape the future of the town.

There will be monthly and quarterly meetings of theme groups and surveys for people to complete.

We need your contact details and would like you to contact us via the form, where you can fill in your details.

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Dear Swanley Resident

In March 2018 there was a meeting in The Alexandra Suite about developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Swanley.

Following this meeting a Steering Group of residents and Town Councillors has been set up. This Steering Group created the questionnaire that was sent to every resident in the Town.

To help us look at the response of residents to the questionnaire and develop policies and proposals about the future development of land and buildings in Swanley, we are setting up some working groups to look at specific issues in the town.

We hope you might be interested in joining one to make sure that development in Swanley is guided by what residents and local businesses want.  The groups are:

1. Our community and its natural environment - led by Sarah Perkins, resident.
2. Housing - led by Mark Fittock, resident and Hextable Parish Councillor.
3. Transport - led by Chris Prestedge resident.
4. Conservation and Heritage - Possibly led by Terry Morris of the History Society
5. Working and employment - led by Alan Dean, local business representative.
6. Recreation - lead by the Ryan Hayman a Town Council Park Manager
7. Community Health and Education Facilities - led by Martyn Jordan resident and retired head teacher.

If you are interested in any of these issues and want to join a relevant group please contact me by the 31st October 2018 on 01322 665855 or email with your details and the group you are interested in and I will make sure you are invited to the meeting.

Toni Roast

Civic Manager