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Swanley's Fence of Hope

From Monday 8th June rainbow ribbons will be available to purchase in hope that visitors will attach this to our splash pool fence as a mark of thanks to our NHS and Key Workers

At 50p per ribbon all profits will go to Swanley Town Council’s Covid-19 Campaign

From March, STC staff and volunteers have assisted over 350 residents with shopping, prescriptions and other essential support.

If you are or know someone who is vulnerable and needs help please call us on 01322 665855

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www.gofundme.com and search: Swanley Town Council



Neighbourhood Plan

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Thank you NHS and all Key Workers

This was a joint display put on at 8pm last night organised by Swanley Town Council - Official site and Centre Stage Solutions held at Swanley Park.

Park Director Ryan Hayman said 'This is us showing our gratitude to those on the frontline, they are heroes and we just wanted to do something to reflect that.'

Please note: this video contains some strobing effects

Over 300 deliveries and collections

Since the start of the lock down period Swanley Town Council moved quickly to recruit volunteers to assist the most vulnerable in our community and to secure funding to help them.  Read More ...

Swanley Park’s car parks

From Wednesday 20th of May, Swanley Park’s car parks will be open once again.

Whilst we welcome those entering our park we must remind all park users of the requirement for social distancing at ALL times.

For now, and until the guidelines change, the only facilities open will be the café for takeaways and limited toilet provisions.

When entering our car park, staff will no longer be around to greet our guests.

However, a new ANPR system will be live and this will mean visitors will have to follow the relevant payment terms as listed on the signage in the car parks when you arrive.

Swanley residents do not need to pay, but only if they have followed previous advice to register their vehicle at Swanley’s Link.

If you have yet to do this then this can now be done electronically through sending a copy of your driving licence and car registration details to CSA@swanleytowncouncil.gov.uk


If you have any spare food, toilet roll or any other essentials you would like to donate please drop off to either Swanley Link or our Civic Centre.

If you have a family member, friend or neighbour that is in need of supplies and cannot get out please call us on 01322 665855.

Any spare supplies we do not give away will be donated to local food banks.

For more information, please follow this link to a news item

Listen to our Radio Ad:

Corona Virus Support

Swanley Town Council are asking for donations of used soap dispensers and hand pumps

Drop off is at our Civic Centre 10am-3pm
Civic Centre,
St Mary’s Road,
Swanley BR8 7BU

If you are / know someone vulnerable who needs shopping or prescriptions and can’t get out call us 01322 665855


We’re here for you...

Confused about what financial support is available to you?
Worried about how you and your family are going to manage during the Coronavirus crisis?

We can help with many problems, including:

  • Benefits
  • Debt & Money
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Family & Relationships

Please read the PDF Leaflet with more information.


Coronavirus: Scammers and Fraudsters
Victim Support have released two new leaflets, one for individuals and one for community groups.

Please follow the two links below to read the leaflets.

Annual Report 2019-2020

Document available to read here

New Cancellation

Due to the current situation Swanley Town Council have made the decision to cancel our Annual St George’s Day

Latest News

300th Delivery

Over 300 deliveries and collections

Since the start of the lock down period Swanley Town Council moved quickly to recruit volunteers to assist the most vulnerable in our community and to secure funding to help them.
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Top Award for Swanley

Swanley Town Council has just received the Gold Level in the Local Council Award Scheme ...
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Lions Clubs supporting communities during COVID-19 crisis

Swanley and North Downs Lions Club responded to Ellenor’s Emergency Fighting Fund appeal with a ...
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Scammers and criminals are always looking for opportunities. We have included the scams on our new Alerts page where we list the currently active alerts that you should be aware of.

Top Tips for running a successful Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Read more here...

Corrected Appeal Decision

Swanley Town Centre


Help us prevent vulnerable people from becoming victims. Learn to spot the signs of doorstep crime and financial abuse and help protect your patients, clients, neighbours, customers, friends or family members.

Visit our Spot The Signs page here for more information: bit.ly/spot-the-signs

1. Watch the video
2. Ask the questions
3. Call the Police

About Us

Swanley lies at the northernmost point of the area of Sevenoaks District Council and also within the administrative area of Kent County Council.

Swanley Town Council came into existence in 1974 and though unlike the County and District Council, it has few statutory duties (things that have to be done) it does have many powers (things that can be done).

The Town Council seeks to exercise its powers for the benefit of the community of Swanley and Swanley Village.

There are four wards in the town, which are Christchurch, St Marys and Whiteoak wards in Swanley as well a ward in Swanley Village, see Councillors and Wards for more information.

The Town Council owns around 150 acres of parks and open spaces, including the principal parks of Swanley Park and St Marys Recreation.

Swanley Town Council provides a variety of recreation, social and other facilities for the benefit of residents and people who work in and visit the Parish area, working in partnership with other Councils and agencies to promote and deliver local services.

Here you can be kept up to date with the latest events, Council meetings and have a platform to voice your opinions or concerns about Swanley.

We want you to feel valued and to make you feel proud to be a resident of Swanley.

Kent Police – Hate Crime

Hate crime is a crime committed against someone because of their disability, gender-identity, race, religion, belief, or sexual orientation.   For more information and to see the new posters, please follow this link.

Caring For Our Community

Working together with the people of Swanley, Swanley Village and other local providers to develop caring, quality services for the changing needs of the community at an affordable cost.

The council is committed to ensuring the Swanley remains a vibrant and attractive place in which to live and work.

Swanley & Hextable Consultation