Find out what is happening in your town, past meeting minutes and agendas for Full Council, Development Control, Finance & Audit, changed to Policy and Finance, Estates & Facilities, Personnel, and Banqueting, (now merged into the Policy & Finance committee).

We also have upcoming meeting dates in which residents are more than welcome to attend and voice their views on the matters discussed.

These are also located around Swanley in our notice boards.

About The Council

The Council has 16 Councillors elected by the residents every four years.

The Council considers issues affecting the town and services provided.

Each year the Council hosts an Annual Town Meeting (usually in March or April). This meeting is chaired by the Chairman of the Council who reports briefly on work of the Council in the previous year and any resident of the Parish may attend and ask any questions relating to the work of Swanley Town Council.

Swanley Town Council is the part of the Government closest to residents.

Local organisations and groups working for the benefit of the community and Parish of Swanley may apply for a grant from Town Council to assist in their work.

Application forms may be obtained from the Civic Centre. Grants are awarded in July and March each year.

The Town Council is also consulted in the planning process.

Any application for planning permission within Swanley or Swanley Village submitted to the Local Planning Authority (Sevenoaks District Council) is referred to Swanley Town Council for consideration.

Members of the public are welcomed at meetings of the Development Control Committee to express their views on any application on the Agenda.

Details on how to do this are available here.

  • Monthly Meeting Notices are available on the home page

Swanley Town Council Committees

Banqueting Board:

Now merged with the new committee  – Policy & Finance

Full Council:

(Formerly – Finance & Audit:

This has now been merged into the new committee – Policy & Finance

Development Control:

Estates & Facilities:


Committee Members and Attendance