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COVID -19 advice and data for the Sevenoaks District

Community Connectors 15 December 2021


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West Kent -places to live. Space to grow

Otford Palace

If you live or work in the Darent Valley you will probably know that the Former Archbishop’s Palace at Otford, Kent is a collection of early 16th Century buildings.

Otford Palace
Otford Palace
Hearing Aid logo
Hearing Aid logo

Swanley – Free Hearing AId Aftercare Clinic


We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to form groups to maintain and develop gardens along The Darent Valley Community Rail Partnership (DVCRP) As well as engaging thousands of people in volunteering, Community Rail Partnerships bring people together creating a sense of pride by locals about their station and communities!

Sevenoaks | Bat & Ball | Otford | Shoreham | Eynsford | Swanley

For more information please contact sarah.newman@sevenoaks.gov.uk
Volunteers are inducted by Southeastern staff safety training provided. We look forward to working with you to make our stations more welcoming and attractive!

UK Protect

protective security information for the business community
Security advice for the easing of lockdown

Publish on 8th April 2021

Litter Concerns?

If you have litter concerns in Swanley please contact Cllr J Griffiths
member of the Cleaner and Greener committee at Sevenoaks District Council

Sevenoaks District Seniors Action Forum

Working together in the interests of people aged 50 plus

Inside Track newsletter

Inside Track is a monthly newsletter including regular features such as:

  • the latest information on national, regional and local sources of funding
  • KCC grant schemes and contacts
  • funding deadlines.

Coronavirus – waste, recycling and garden waste updates

COVID-19 Community Champions

The Princes Countryside Fund

Princes Countryside Fund: grants of up to £10k available for community-led organisations in rural communities with a turnover under £500k per year who can demonstrate how beneficiaries will be drawn from the local rural community.

Latest News

Covid-19 vaccination

The NHS across Kent and Medway are working hard to establish vaccination services for all areas. The vaccination services for more than 90% of our 200 GP practices have now been confirmed and the majority have started vaccinating.

People will be contacted when the vaccine is available for them.

Please do not phone GP surgeries, the CCG, or other NHS services with general queries about when you will be able to get the vaccine.

For further information, please visit the following web page on the Kent and Medway CCG Website.

Notice of extension of an Order temporarily closing Public Footpath SD338 in Swanley

For more information including a map please follow this link.

Financial support for businesses

Sevenoaks District Council have just released details of financial support for businesses.

Please visit https://www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/lockdownsupport to find out more and check your eligibility.

Volunteer Minute Taker Sought

Arts Without Boundaries tackles the social and physical exclusion experienced by people with disabilities by running inclusive and accessible mainstream community arts projects for both disabled and non-disabled people.

Food Fund

This includes support with food for those who need it.

Anyone whose child is eligible for Free School Meals and who is in need of food assistance should contact the Kent Together service, launched at the start of the Covid-19 crisis.Swanley Food Bank on 07798 872 573 or Email

Neighbourhood Plan

Council offers further financial support for the districts Leisure Centres

Sevenoaks District Council has agreed to provide further financial support to help reopen the District’s leisure centres and produce a robust recovery plan for the trust. Sencio, which operates the Council’s leisure Centres in Edenbridge, Sevenoaks and Swanley as well as Lullingstone Golf Course, has been severely impacted across most of its operations since the… Read More

About Us

Swanley lies at the northernmost point of the area of Sevenoaks District Council and also within the administrative area of Kent County Council.

Swanley Town Council came into existence in 1974 and though unlike the County and District Council, it has few statutory duties (things that have to be done) it does have many powers (things that can be done).

The Town Council seeks to exercise its powers for the benefit of the community of Swanley and Swanley Village.

There are four wards in the town, which are Christchurch, St Marys and Whiteoak wards in Swanley as well a ward in Swanley Village, see Councillors and Wards for more information.

The Town Council owns around 150 acres of parks and open spaces, including the principal parks of Swanley Park and St Marys Recreation.

Swanley Town Council provides a variety of recreation, social and other facilities for the benefit of residents and people who work in and visit the Parish area, working in partnership with other Councils and agencies to promote and deliver local services.

Here you can be kept up to date with the latest events, Council meetings and have a platform to voice your opinions or concerns about Swanley.

We want you to feel valued and to make you feel proud to be a resident of Swanley.

Kent Police – Hate Crime

Hate crime is a crime committed against someone because of their disability, gender-identity, race, religion, belief, or sexual orientation.   For more information and to see the new posters, please follow this link.

Caring For Our Community

Working together with the people of Swanley, Swanley Village and other local providers to develop caring, quality services for the changing needs of the community at an affordable cost.

The council is committed to ensuring the Swanley remains a vibrant and attractive place in which to live and work.

Swanley & Hextable Consultation