Upgraded Changing Rooms for Swanley

Sports teams in Swanley are set to benefit from a £14,000 investment, with funding secured by former Swanley Kent County Councillor Michael Horwood, alongside a donation from Swanley Rugby Club.

Swanley Rugby Club and its members undertook all the renovation work themselves, ensuring every penny went into creating modern and revamped changing rooms.

The facility, based at Swanley Recreation Ground, will reopen in September and ensures clubs can once again use the previously closed changing rooms.

Swanley Town Councillors voted to create a new rugby pitch on the Recreation Ground, and gave permission for the club to move to the site.

Without this the club may have folded, due to them finding themselves without both a pitch and suitable facilities for the promoted league the Rugby Club finds itself in.

The work undertaken is comprehensive and each room has had a significant transformation.

There are also new additions, such as a physio room and toilets for spectators on match days.

Swanley Town Council CEO Ryan Hayman

Swanley Town Council CEO Ryan Hayman said “These changes will benefit all the teams that use our site.

The Recreation Ground is home to an array of facilities such as; a Playground, Skate Park, Rugby, Football, Croquet, Netball, Basketball and Tennis.”

Swanley Rugby Club commented “We are excited to move to Swanley Recreation Ground.

Inside the changing rooms

The facilities are great and we would like to thank both Cllr Michael Horwood and Swanley Town Council for this great partnership we have.”