Trolley Wars

For the last 3 years the town of Swanley in Kent has been blighted by trollies being taken back to people’s homes and then left in the streets.

The town centre also suffers and as many as 100 trollies every day can cause nuisance, look unsightly and have even caused congestion in the town centre.

Swanley Town Council has now asked Sevenoaks District Council to adopt the Environmental Protection 1990 (s99) and devolve this power to the Town Council.

This will allow the town council to issue charges on offending stores including storage and collection of the trollies.

CEO Mr Steve Nash said ‘it’s time the stores were made more accountable for their lack of action in preventing what is tantamount to littering, I hope this will galvanise them into action’.

The town council has encouraged all stores in the town to fit magnetic locks to their trollies to prevent them being taken away, but while Asda has fitted some of their trollies, they have not fitted all of them.

Once the District Council have adopted this power there will be a 3 month consultation with the stores advising them of the charges and how it will apply to them.

The hope is that in the face of on-going charges the stores will see the sense of installing the magnetic system at a one off cost.