This questionnaire is part of the Swanley Neighbourhood Plan project which is currently being undertaken by Swanley Residents and the Town Council. It will help shape the future of our town and will clearly demonstrate that the people of the town want to play an active role in its future development.

It is vitally important that everyone participates in the process to add weight to our arguments and concerns and to ensure we get a broad range of people engaged in answering questions.

That means we don’t just want all the people with the same view as members of the Steering Group, because we need to understand what you the residents of the town find acceptable and what you do not find acceptable.

Please, please take the time to fill in and send back this questionnaire so we can measure the strength of feeling around the town about a variety of issues.

We have arranged for this questionnaire to be hand delivered to every house, it will also be available at all Town Council sites around the town and on the Town Council web page.

If you know someone that didn’t get a copy or is not aware of the questionnaire then please encourage them to get involved.

There are 16,000 residents living in Swanley. It would be nice to think we could get 16,000 replies

If you want more information then please contact the Town Council.


CEO, Swanley Town Council

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