Swanley Neighbourhood Planning Group Agrees to Continue with Neighbourhood Plan

Since our last update the Swanley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been getting its head around the avalanche of changes to planning. 

Some of these, like changes to use classes that you can get planning permission for and permitted development – development that does not need planning permission are already operational – see the PDF details here

Some more radical changes are being consulted upon by Central Government. 

You can see the full PDF proposals being consulted upon here.

The potential effects of this reform are serious on Neighbourhood Planning, but there is also not a lot of detail so the group will be submitting its comments by the deadline either as individuals or as a group. 

Despite all this uncertainty the Steering Group also decided that they will continue to prepare the Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that development in Swanley is shaped by local people. 

They are moving forward and await the results of the AECOM Design Code work for Swanley Village and their work on the location of a new health hub for Swanley. 

This work is being done free of charge by AECOM via Central governments Neighbourhood Planning Support programme

Don’t forget if you want to get involved in the Steering Group or share your views about planning you can contact Lorraine Hart (our Neighbourhood planning consultant or Toni Roast via the Neighbourhood planning e mail at NP@swanleytowncouncil.gov.uk or posting your views on our Facebook page.