Sevenoaks District Council Withdraw Essential Funding

In 2018, Sevenoaks District Council withdrew £28,000 of the £56,000 of annual funding they provided for the Link in Swanley, which contributed toward the ‘Information Officer’ staff cost there.

The funding was to be removed by 2019 but Swanley Town Council successfully put forward an argument to delay this until the end of 2019, so the Town Council could prepare for this loss.

In April 2020 this funding will be totally removed and the services that were provided by this funding will be withdrawn from the Link completely.

This will mean that ALL enquires for services which are provided by or looked after by Sevenoaks District Council will no longer be available via the Link.

Instead, local residents will have to contact Sevenoaks District Council themselves to discuss Fly Tipping, Repairs, have photo copying done, discuss benefits and a range of other services.

The CEO of Swanley Town Council said ‘this is very unfortunate and there is likely to be an impact on the most vulnerable people in our society as a result of this. The Link was a partnership project, but it seems we are not all driven by the same code of ethics, which puts people first’.

Information leaflets and boards will be put up in the Link over the coming weeks explaining how to contact the District Council and showing which services have been cut.

This may mean that some people will actually have to travel to Sevenoaks Town to meet with and talk to District Council officers.