Resident in Westerham Targeted by Water Testing Scam

The resident received a series of telephone calls about testing their household water.

What Happens:

  • A call is received claiming to be from a company called EMF Water Testing Services, a “government backed scheme”.
  • They offer a free test to show the hardness and pH of tap water in your home.
  • They say that the wrong pH in tap water has health implications for COVID-19.
  • They say they have engineers in your area and can visit your home to test the water.

What To Do:

  • This is a scam.
  • Do not let them in.
  • If they do not leave call 999.
  • Report to Citizens Advice or 0808 223 1133.
  • You can check who supplies your water at OFWAT and they can tell you the hardness of your water and chemical breakdown if you want to find out.

Please warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours.