Parking Charges at Nightingale Way

Today we have been in lengthy discussions with both the car park management firm CCP and the new town centre owners.

The parking firm have repeatedly made it clear to us that they do not believe any fines have been issued incorrectly and refuse to give a blanket cancellation of all fines to date as we requested.

They state as the road is part of the private land, the cameras have been positioned deliberately to capture images correctly on entry and exit of the site. However, DRIVING ALONG THE ROAD IS STILL FREE WITHOUT STOPPING.

They have asked us to reiterate that if you believe your fine has been issued unfairly then you should appeal through the link:

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal, then you can have this reviewed by POPLA an independent body:

We understand the frustration and distress this has caused many and we are still lobbying the firm for changes to their system.

Our MP Laura Trott is also involved with the matter as a number of residents have contacted her directly, and like us, is continuing to raise her concerns with the firm.

We will continue to work closely with her office to monitor the fines being posted by residents on Swanley Facebook pages and continue to represent local residents’ views in relation to these fines.