senior passport to leisure

Share in the fun

Swanley Town Council currently operate a Senior Passport to Leisure programme which takes older residents over 60 and living in Swanley on trips or activities each month at discounted prices.

Commonwealth Flag

Fly The Commonwealth Flag

For the first time in the history of the Commonwealth, and to celebrate this great family of nations, young members of the United


Great British Spring Clean

The first part of the Great British Spring Clean took place on the 3rd March 2017 in and around Swanley.

Molto Bene

Molto Bene

The Mayor of Swanley Councillor Laurence Ball accompanied by his Deputy and other councillors made sure they were the first to visit the Italian Market in town today.

coffee cup

More Surprises As Café Re-Opens In Park

After closing for the Winter season the café in the park is now open again and will be serving a range of refreshments throughout the day.

italian market

Little Italy

On Friday the 24th February Swanley will have an opportunity to shop ‘Italian Style’ when an Italian Market visits the town for the day in the square of Swanley Shopping Centre.

Swanley lake

Swanley Lake

Following concerns raised by local residents about the fish in the lake at Swanley Park the town council called in Mid Kent Fisheries to look into the matter.


Temporary Fencing

Chartway Group have begun works on a new development of 31 Units at the top of North View for West Kent Housing Authority.