M25 Junction 2 Hawley Road Bridge, Hawley, Kent

Structure Repairs and Maintenance

M25 Junction 2 Hawley Road Bridge, Hawley, Kent

Connect Plus Services works on behalf of National Highways, formerly Highways England, and Connect Plus to manage, operate and maintain the M25 and its linking roads, as well as the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing.

We’re writing to update you regarding a change in our programme to the repairs currently taking place on the Hawley Road bridge, which carries the M25 over Hawley Road.

We are now more than halfway through our repairs on the east abutment of the bridge, which is currently scheduled to be complete by 22 October 2021. We had initially planned to move the scaffolding and temporary traffic lights currently in place on the southbound carriageway over to the northbound carriageway once this was completed, to enable work to begin on the west abutment of the bridge.

Since starting the repairs, our teams have reviewed the current method of working and have found that it will be necessary to fully close the road underneath the bridge while the repairs to the west abutment are carried out. This is for the safety of the public and our team and should also enable us to complete this work sooner than planned, allowing us to lift the

temporary traffic lights approximately two weeks ahead of our previously scheduled date of November 2021.

The repairs to the west abutment will now be carried out over the following weekends:

Closures of Hawley Road, beneath the M25

From 6am on Saturday 18 September to 6pm on Sunday 19 September 2021. From 6am on Saturday 25 September to 5am on Monday 27 September 2021. Diversion routes

A clearly signed diversion for southbound traffic will be in place via the A225 Hawley Road, Lowfield Street, Princes Road, B260 Green Street Green Road, Darenth Hill, and Parsonage Lane.

A clearly signed diversion for northbound traffic will be in place via Parsonage Lane, Darenth Hill, B260 Green Street Green Road and the A225 Princes Road, Lowfield Street, Hawley Road

Weight Restrictions

Weight restrictions for abnormal loads vehicles greater than 80 tonnes are now in place on this section of the M25 due to temporary supports installed on the bridge, with signs to inform heavy vehicles on how to proceed when crossing over it. The weight restriction will be removed towards the end of the second weekend closure once new bridge bearings have been installed and the structure can be lowered.

As communicated previously, using a hydro-demolition technique to remove old concrete will generate some dust. The work area will remain enclosed however, to ensure that any disturbance remains minimal.

If you need to travel while these works are taking place, we recommend that you plan ahead and allow more time for your journey. We have carefully planned and coordinated our works, but there may be some changes in the event of adverse weather, or other unplanned events.

If you have any questions about this work, please contact the National Highways Customer Contact Centre on 0300 123 5000, available 24 hours a day.

You can also find additional information on planned closures on the M25 or the further National Highways Road Network by visiting https://highwaysengland.co.uk/travel- updates/road-closure-report/.

We apologise for any inconvenience this change may cause and thank you once again for your continued patience while this essential work is completed.