Lottery Scams

We have received reports of Kent residents being targeted by lottery scams.

How this scam works:

  • The victim receives a letter saying they have won a lottery
  • The criminals ask for bank account details to pay in the winnings or
  • Ask for payment of a processing fee
  • The criminals use realistic sounding names of people and recognised brands

Protect yourself:

  • You cannot win a lottery unless you have entered.
  • Legitimate lotteries don’t ask you to pay taxes, custom fees, insurance shipping or handling fees before you can receive your ‘winnings’.
  • Scammers often ask their targets to send money upfront to them by money transfer.
  • Never give out personal information or financial information in response to a cold call whether in person, via telephone or social media.
  • If you have already been contacted by these scammers report it to Action Fraud. The information you give to Action Fraud can help track down the criminals.
  • If you have lost money to the scammers, contact Kent Police by calling 101

Please warn family members, friends and neighbours.