Little Italy

On Friday the 24th February Swanley will have an opportunity to shop ‘Italian Style’ when an Italian Market visits the town for the day in the square of Swanley Shopping Centre.

Offering a selection of Italian catering, Italian foods and some items of clothing and design the event has been organised by Swanley Town Council to give residents a taste of the continent.

Other continental and specialty markets may be tried later in the year including French, German and Spanish to provide a little variety in the town.

Events organiser Toni Roast said ‘All our events are here to provide our residents with new opportunities and experiences and I will be very interested to hear what people think about the market afterwards.

It would also be good to hear from local crafts and trades people who might be interested in starting up our own Saturday Market’.

The town council is currently reviewing a number of its activities for both outdoor events and in the use of its facilities, the residents of the town will be able to keep up with developments via the town council web site and Facebook page.