Laburnum Avenue, Swanley – 5 October 2020

Kent County Council will be resurfacing the footways in Laburnum  Avenue, Swanley.

These footway surface improvement works are programmed to start on the 5th October 2020 and are expected to take approximately 5 weeks to complete.

These activities will be undertaken between the hours of 07:00am and 17:00pm each day.

If there is any change to this date and it is not possible for us to carry it out at this time, we will arrange a new date and let you know via a letter drop to your home.

We will also put up signs along the road, before  we start, showing the date we plan to start work.

What we plan to do
The footway is in a poor condition and we plan to renew it. The areas marked on the map below, will be excavated and the existing surface will be replaced with a new black asphalt surface.

Laburnum Avenue Swanley  mapThis work will require a clear immediate working vicinity, which means that any cars parked in this localised area need to be moved prior to the works commencing.

Due to the current working restrictions in place, and to maintain a safe working process, our ability to communicate with each household during the work is going to be limited.

Therefore, dated no-parking signs will be put up in the locations that will require a clear space for the crew to operate as the site works progress.

We would appreciate it if you could refrain from parking your car in these areas to ensure the  crew can work safely and to prevent slow overall progress.

If this generates any questions, please contact us via the numbers given below.

We will carry out the work in sections to try to minimise any inconvenience and every effort will be made to  maintain access to your driveway, there may be times when our work may cause you some inconvenience,  but we will make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum.

As we will be digging up the existing footway there will be some noise and dust.

How you can help us
If you have any special access arrangements or any other urgent concerns you wish to discuss please contact us.

We need your help to make sure the work is done as quickly as possible, and to the best possible quality,
so please take note of the on-site signage regarding parking restrictions.

How to contact us?
If you need more information, you can visit our website to find out how we look after the roads throughout Kent or report any faults you find on our roads.

Alternatively, you can call us on 03000 41 81 81 or email Julie Emmett at

COVID-19 Statement – This type of footway reconstruction is currently sanctioned to continue as the operating procedures can be undertaken in line with current Government and Construction Leadership Council advice. We will continue to take note and adjust to any changes in this advice, so there is a possibility that these works may be postponed at very short notice. We take the wellbeing of the public and our workforce extremely seriously, please be assured we have put in place all mitigating measures necessary to abide by the guidance currently in place.

For the safety of both you and our workforce please do not approach our workforce on site