Graffiti Busting

On the 30th of May Swanley Town Council took on the blight of graffiti around the town with staff and volunteers helping out.

A graffiti removal company was employed to come in and spray off some of the offending items in the town centre while staff and volunteers painted out graffiti tags and pictures.

Around 200 ‘tags’ were painted over, 47 shopping trollies collected and 23 items sprayed off the Civic Building and local Surgery.

Post boxes, road signs, lampposts, doors and walls were also painted over to remove the offending items and the skate park will be re-painted black to remove absolutely everything.

A local tattoo artist will then work with young people and run workshops to redecorate the skate park with art based graffiti and discuss with them the blight of ‘tagging’.

CEO of Swanley Town Council Mr Steve Nash said ‘this is a great team effort and we will be targeting tags from this point forward while trying to educate young people and give them a little pride in their town’.

The project received £1500 from Sevenoaks District Council which helped provide much of the resources needed for the project and will provide permanent equipment for the future.

Plans are underway to incorporate this as part of the annual Great British Spring Clean in future years to create an even greater impact.