Fighting Litter In Swanley

A local litter hero has been serving the community for three years through voluntary litter picking duties. Focusing on Swanley Park and the other open spaces in the town, they have amassed nearly 16 tons worth of rubbish.

In context that is approximately the equivalent weight of 5 adult elephants.

Most recently, one of our Town Councillors volunteered to help the cause and collected: general rubbish; buggies; a cot; shopping baskets; and an array of other items.

Swanley Town Council and our wonderful volunteers do make every effort to keep our facilities and open spaces tidy and litter free.

However, litter and general fly tipping is a growing problem. We would like to stress that rubbish should be disposed of responsibly.

Town Clerk & CEO Ryan Hayman said ‘All our litter heroes are making such an important and positive impact for the town.

It is disappointing to see our wonderful parks and open spaces littered by those less considerate, but once again the community comes together to fight for cleaner and safer green spaces’.

If you are interested in helping at any of our litter picking events or would like to carry out regular litter picks please email the Assistant Town Clerk, Toni Roast at or call 01322 665855.