Fake Police Phone Calls in Gravesend Area

Kent Police have received reports from residents in the Gravesend area. Residents have received calls to their landline from criminals impersonating a Police Officer.

What happens:

  • You receive a call on your phone from someone claiming to be from the Police.
  • You are told your niece/nephew or another relative is in custody and they need bail money.
  • You are told to withdraw cash from your bank account and a courier will collect it from your home.

What to do:

  • The police will NEVER contact you and ask you for your bank details or ask you to withdraw cash.
  • Do not give your bank details, address or any other personal information to cold callers.
  • Hang up the phone, wait 10 minutes and call 101.
  • Contact your bank’s fraud team straight away if you have handed over any money or bank details. For advice and to report contact Citizens Advice consumer service or telephone 0808 223 1133.

Please warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours.