Events remain free for Swanley Residents

Following a year of successful events in 2019 the Town Council has been looking at how these events can remain sustainable for the future.

As a result the Town Council will be introducing a £1 per person charge for two of its events in 2020 and those are the 1812 event and Bonfire Night.

While the charges will not pay for these events in their entirety it will help reduce the cost to the council while providing great nights of affordable entertainment for our residents.

Swanley residents are able to obtain a FREE parking permit for parking in Swanley Park which lasts a year and this same ticket will now allow residents free entry into the events later in the year.

The Parking ticket can be obtained by visiting the Link with your driving licence, V5C and proof of address.

It is much more important this year that residents register for FREE PARKING as parking charges will apply ALL YEAR ROUND from April in the park and will be enforced through an ANPR system.

Charges will apply to ALL NON RESIDENTS of Swanley for daily parking in the park and for entry to these two events during the year.

FREE parking in the park and FREE entry to events CANNOT be guaranteed if you have not registered so take advantage of this offer by visiting the Link.