Environmental Policy


Swanley Town Council’s statement of general policy is to:

  • Provide adequate resources to ensure that Swanley Town Council (“the Council”) is able to perform all of its duties as required by Environmental legislation
  • Provide a standard of adequate control of the environmental risks arising from our work activities
  • Ensure safe and legal managed handling and disposal of all waste
  • Provide adequate equipment, containment and cleaning materials to manage waste where identified as necessary
  • Provide timely information, instruction and supervision for employees on environmental matters
  • Regularly encourage environmental improvement initiatives
  • Evaluate the potential to recover or recycle our waste materials
  • Prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health, through maintaining good environmental risk assessment and control
  • Seek to minimise noise and vibration and to maintain healthy working conditions for our staff and contractors
  • Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals
  • In describing disposal methods the Council will seek Best Value in selecting a disposal method which may involve burning, though this will be limited to Natural Products only and in limited quantities.

The Council also accepts its part in the responsibility for the local environment and conservation of resources and will endeavour to improve ‘progressively’ its environmental performance and will comply with legislation.

All employees including volunteers have a responsibility to co-operate with supervisors and managers to make environmental improvement, minimising waste and maximising recycling.

Overall and final responsibility for the environmental controls of the Council is delegated by the Council to:

Ryan Hayman – CEO & Proper Officer

Signed ……………………………. Dated …………….…………….

This policy was approved on 6th January 2021. It will be kept up to date as the size and nature of the Council changes or new legislation is introduced. Otherwise date of next review