Double the Fun

One of the biggest free shows in West Kent has gone from a one day event to two days of music, fun, displays and activities for everyone in Swanley Park.

The 1812 event was previously held on one day with a live orchestra, 200 piece choir and firework display, but organisers have now added a second day along with new activities.

Organiser Toni Roast said ‘this is something we have been aiming for, for some time and I hope that this year will be a huge success so that we can add a third day next year’.

The second day of events will include English and Irish Folk Music from 11am till 10pm, Dance Displays, Stalls, Food Court, Cider and Ale Bars along with street entertainers, kids shows and activities in the park.

While it is a free event organisers are keen to point out that this is also a charitable event and they would like people to make a £1 donation to the event which will support local charities and ensure future events.

To deter car users there will be increased parking charges from advertised times on the upper car park of £10 per car while the lower car park will remain the same as usual throughout.

Park Manager Ryan Hayman said ‘we welcome visitors to the park but cars cause significant damage and significant operational issues for us.

I know some people must use cars to get to us but for those that could do without it would really help us out if they left their cars at home’.

The event which is run by the town council has been running for a few years and is growing in popularity as more activities are added.

On the 19th July, Swanley Park was awarded the Green Flag Award which is an International Award recognising outstanding parks around the world.