Covid 19 – Coronavirus

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The Mayor of Swanley Town Council Councillor Lesley Dyball would like to reassure our residents that we are monitoring developments that will affect Swanley and will be doing everything we can to support our residents.

We are aware of local help groups which are setting up to assist the most vulnerable members of the town and we are adding our own resources to this.

If you need assistance or if you would like to volunteer your services we would ask you to ring 01322 665855 or e mail .

We are looking for volunteers who can help in collecting shopping, prescriptions or assisting with pets. Perhaps you know someone who may need assistance or you may be able to simply keep in touch with someone who is self-isolating or raise concerns about their health.

We know our residents are generous in their support of others and we would encourage you to come forward now so that we can assist in the co-ordination of available resources and help groups.

Useful sites:

For more information on projects in Swanley, look at the council’s web site or ring 01322 665855