Big Mac Cleans Up  

Despite there being no McDonald’s restaurant in Swanley, there are several McDonald’s restaurants within an area of 2-3 miles and some of their discarded products can often be seen around the town adding to the litter.

One of these restaurants recognises the impact they have on the area and brought some of the team into Swanley to pick up some of those offending items.

Taking on Swanley’s beautiful park area the team took to boats and walking through the area to get rid of everyone’s discarded rubbish.

Estates Manager for Swanley Town Council Mr Dan Sutton said ‘it’s been the first wet day in a month but the team from McDonald’s were not deterred from picking up lots of rubbish.

Some even brought their children to help out, it’s been great’.

Back in March of this year the town council recruited volunteers as part of the Big Clean and collected over a ton of rubbish from around the town in one day and hope to have more such initiatives throughout the year.

There has also been a rise in Fly Tipping in the town which is costing the District Council many thousands of pounds to pick up each year.

In an attempt to catch these culprits the town council is looking into the cost of purchasing covert cameras but is also encouraging people to report fly tipping to them.