Annual Christmas Drink and Drug Drive campaign

Kent Police are reminding motorists about driving safely during the festive period.

With more than 200 motorists arrested for drink or drug driving during last year’s Christmas Drink and Drug Drive Campaign, it’s important that people are reminded of their responsibilities.

As part of the national campaign officers from Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit will be out in force across the county following an intelligence led approach to target those who recklessly drink and drug drive.

They will be proactively patrolling and targeting high risk locations to identify and prosecute motorists who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Officers will be carrying out breath tests, roadside drug swipes and field impairment tests at all times during the day and night to ensure those who break the law are arrested, charged and put before the courts.

But it is important to highlight that drink driving occurs all year round, not just at Christmas.

However, due to the increase in people socialising it is a time that officers have an increased focus on tackling this offence.

Plan ahead

Throughout the year we would urge people to plan ahead before a night out. If you are going to have some alcohol then keep some money aside for a taxi home, or nominate a driver in your group of friends who will not drink at all.

It is just not worth the risk of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have alcohol in your system.

Our message is that there is no safe amount of alcohol to have in your system when driving, so if you plan to have an alcoholic drink you should make alternative arrangements to get home.

Sergeant Mark Carron from the Roads Policing Unit said: “We want everyone to go out and enjoy themselves but also act responsibly.

“Our advice is simple, plan ahead. If you are driving, don’t drink.

“Every year innocent motorists and pedestrians are put at risk from people who think it is acceptable to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs; this campaign is about telling people it is not acceptable. We are passionate about changing bad driving behaviour on our roads to protect all those that use them. We want all the people of Kent and visitors to the county to have a safe and happy Christmas which is why we don’t make allowances for anyone driving whilst under the influence and why we have these campaigns.”